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Ipic Group



We compound wealth to help others to be and to make heroes.


To compound sustainable property-related income-streams by actively managing, enhancing and developing investment properties.


To outperform the average return of the listed property sector operating in South Africa.

To donate at least R1,000,000 per year.

To be a catalyst between Donors and Beneficiaries.


The Ipic Group was established by Rian Maartens in June 2004. With its three main divisions at the time - Media, Education and Investments – Rian wanted to provide a platform for co-investment in property and entrepreneurship in software and property development.

Since 1982 Rian and his family have developed and invested in commercial property. The first developments were the Heritage House office building in Claremont and the Kenridge Shopping Centre in Kenridge, Durbanville. In 2001, Ipic acquired Die Boord Shopping Centre in Stellenbosch. In 2003, Ipic, in conjunction with partners, co-developed Habitat Centre @ the Mall in Somerset West. These four properties were known as the "DD portfolio".

Since 2004 Ipic has purchased five shopping centres and in September 2007 Ipic Properties acquired the entire DD portfolio. Ipic Properties now owns and manages eight shopping centres and one office building in the Western Cape. Since acquisition, most of our properties have undergone refurbishments and re-developments to ensure the long-term sustainability of the rental income streams and the high quality of its properties.

On 8 August 2019, Ipic Group celebrated 15 years of excellence in property management and launched the Ipic Help Foundation in pursuit of its obligations to improve its corporate social responsibility footprint. The objective is to be a continual catalyst between donors and beneficiaries, by giving back to society and re-investing its wealth to help others to be and to make heroes.

The three main divisions of Ipic Group now comprise of Ipic Investments, Ipic Active, and Ipic Help

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