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Ipic Group

About Us

The Ipic Group was established by Rian Maartens in June 2004. With its three main divisions at the time - Media, Education and Investments – Rian wanted to provide a platform for co-investment in property and entrepreneurship in software and property development.

Our Main Divisions

The three main divisions of Ipic Group now comprise of


Our practical showcase of how we create, protect and distribute wealth. We are passionate about investing. Ipic’s philosophy is guided by the ownership and investment principles of Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham.



At Ipic Active, friends and family come together. Here, we wish to create a home away from home experience to provide the whole family with an Active lifestyle.



As part of its mission The Ipic Group contributes to and assists charitable organisations that effect meaningful positive change and aims to help others to be and to make heroes.


 “All sustainable success in life comes from   being knowledgeable, obtaining wisdom and   systematically implementing wise decisions.”   Rian Maartens, CEO - 2008 


Ipic Properties aims to maximise shareholder value and return on investment through creative acquisitions, proactive management, and a high level of expertise in managing minor and major development or refurbishment projects.

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